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Everything You Need to Stock Your Bar in 5 Minutes or Less

All your reps. All your products. All your orders. All in one easy-to-use platform.

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“Provi made my job a lot easier by turning what would normally be four separate orders into one.”

-Jennifer McElroy, Atrium Hospitality


“This is just so easy and quick to use. I rate Provi so highly because it took me all of 5 minutes to place an order. Now that's maximum efficiency!”

-Brian Kightlinger, Deno's Swiss House


“Finally a platform that makes our lives a bit easier.”

-Erika Elizondo, Costa Azul Grill & Bar

Whether you run a neighborhood bar or national chain, Provi lets you simplify your beverage ordering.

Take the Disorder Out of Beverage Ordering

Enjoy a faster ordering process

Send out multiple orders to multiple reps with just one click

Stay connected with your reps
Chat with your reps and monitor order statuses through automated notifications

Find every product you need
View every distributor catalog in one place

Order Everything You Need in 5 Minutes or Less


Chat & Order from All of Your Sales Reps

Send orders via text and email to all of your sales reps in a single click.


Send the Perfect Order Every Time with Product Lists

Order the right product, size and quantity every time by organizing your products into lists.


Share the Responsibility with Your Team

With custom profiles and order history, you can confidently hand over the reigns to your team.


What is Provi?

Provi is a free online ordering system to order beer, wine, spirits and other beverages directly from your distributor reps.

Does Provi replace my rep(s)?

No! Provi is replacing the texts, emails, voicemails, etc. that you send to say ‘here’s what I want’. Your order still goes directly to your rep.

Is there a cost?

No! Provi is a 100% free tool for you to use.

Can I order from all my distributors using Provi?

Yes! You can use Provi to communicate your order to all of your reps.

After submitting your order, Provi generates a text or email to corresponding reps with your order. Now, instead of sending 5-10 texts or emails, you do 1 thing on Provi. Your order goes directly to your rep(s), as if you had texted or emailed them yourself.

What about pricing and my deals?

At this time, pricing is limited but rest assured that you still get your deals! It is your rep(s) responsibility to work with you and communicate new promotions. Remember, your rep is not being replaced!

Will I know when my rep(s) have seen my order?

Yes! You will receive a notification when each rep has viewed the order - transparency is a key benefit of Provi.

How do I login?

Login at app.provi.com

Can I see my past order history?

Yes! You can see all of your order history in the ‘Orders’ section.

I just need to re-order... Do I have to search for products every time?

No! Lists are the best way to re-order, and save you a ton of time. Navigate there in the top right of the screen. You can create lists to include whichever products you’d like.

The Provi team is also happy to help build these for you! Send your order guide in Excel, PDF or Word.

Will I receive an invoice and can I pay through Provi?

Your final invoice will still come from the distributor through its regular method. All payments are still handled between you and the distributor. You can request that your rep respond to the order with the final amount.

Who else is using Provi?

Thousands of users across the country - including the largest restaurant groups and top chain accounts to the smallest bars and restaurants - use Provi to communicate orders to their reps.

Have More Questions?

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